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4 days ago Listen to Business Insight: Yulia Tokarchukova, International Web Developer (4 February ) and other episodes by World Radio.

On 13th February UNESCO celebrate the World Radio Day. Radio can reach wide audiences at a low cost and this makes it particularly suited for remote.

4 days ago Stream Business Insight: Yulia Tokarchukova, International Web Developer (4 February ) by World Radio Switzerland from desktop or.

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The 13 February was specifically chosen for World Radio Day as United Nations ONLINE REGISTRATION - World Radio Day Dialogue, Tolerance and. 13 February is World Radio Day — a day to celebrate radio as a medium; This year UNESCO focuses on encouraging radio stations around the world. WRS is the trusted resource for English speakers in Switzerland, with 20 years of experience in the expat and local English speaking Swiss market.

This is the daily broadcast schedule for BBC World Service Online. BBC World Service Online Schedule Friday 8 February Fri 1 Feb · Sat 2 Feb · Sun 3. Listeners can tune in to Radio Umang through web streaming or download the app. Updated: Feb 13, , PM IST. 0Comments. RadioUmang. most stable, democracy in Latin America. What happened? The boy in the caravan. Full story - February 06, Alicia Cruz, in the center of the photograph.

Monday 13 February is World Radio Day. Check out the World Radio Day website online now - you can start registering your events NOW!!. World Radio Day on 13 February the theme of “Radio and Sports”. WRD celebrate the traditional sports that connect us to our cultural heritage,. . World Radio Day is an observance day held annually on 13 February to celebrate radio as a There were panellists from radio stations and personalities from the world of radio broadcasting in attendance. The main event was a panel.

World Radio Day is celebrated every February Share “On World Radio Day , I encourage radio stations across the world to open up new. 13 February is World Radio Day — a day to celebrate radio as a medium; UNESCO invites all radio stations and supporting organisations to join us for World. World Radio Day celebrates radio's role in empowering people in remote the first World Radio Day on 13 February, organised by Unesco, reminds us to But about 65% of the world's 7 billion people do not use the internet.

MISA celebrates World Radio Day The United Nations set aside February 13 as World Radio Day to raise awareness about. in Free expression online.

13 February is World Radio Day - a day to celebrate radio, why we love it and why its role in society is as important as ever. Joan has you covered, with the things you don't want to miss this February in [ ] VISIT OUR ONLINE RADIO SHOP BUY A DAB RADIO. pure. test. 13 feb. February 13th was set by UNESCO as the World Radio Day (WRD) to along with the digital technology and the Internet, you can listen to the.

On World Radio Day, UN says 44, radio stations broadcast to five billion people, or roughly 70 percent of the world. by Tarek Bazley. 13 Feb.

February 13 was chosen to mark World Radio Day in This year, The UNESCO has called on all radio stations around the world to. Listen to World here on TuneIn! Listen anytime, anywhere!. World Radio Day is celebrated every year on February To some, radio may seem like a dated medium — with Internet penetration rates.

around 13 February The themes are: 1. 11 January – February. Organise your activities for. World Radio. Day! by using online digital radio suites.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designed February 13 as World Radio Day, to celebrate. As part of celebrating the World Radio Day on February 13, and with the organised by Italy's RAI, for top quality Radio, TV and Internet programmes. World Radio Day activities in Palestine. 13 Feb World Radio Day: February 13, Vox pops, radio show and online youth survey.

For World Radio Day in Guinea, a Special Edition of Ebola Chrono Online Violence Against Women: A Global Issue Director in Liberia Mr. Henri-Paul Bolap during a five-hour live broadcast celebrating World Radio on February 1 day ago February 13 is World Radio Day which raises awareness about the importance of radio and strengthens the networking among broadcasters. Celebrate World Radio Day: 13 February - Today, the 13 February, Online radio now has upwards of 80 million listeners in the U.S. alone.

The first Radio TV media company from the Republic of Moldova that presents latest information like news, TV news, TV and Radio programs. February 1, Welcome to Amazing Japan! Seki: A City of Cutlery. February 2 , JAPAN Hit Tunes · February. February 3, Friends Around the. World Radio Day London: Has media forgotten the social value of sports? THIS EVENT IS ARCHIVED. Various Speakers. Date: 7 February.

8th UN World Radio Day | 13 February: Dialogue, Tolerance and Now 17 Community Radio Stations are on-air in the country, aiming to. World Radio Day – 13 February – is a chance to highlight some of the ways we are Written by Millicent WANGUI Even in the age of online media, radio has. New World Radio discusses contemporary issues, illustrated by popular Friday , February 11, Psychedelics, New Thought and the Emergence of a New.

Since then, World Radio Day has been celebrated annually on February 13th, Set up your very own pop up radio station using digital online suites tools such.

UNESCO has designated February 13 as World Radio Day, I think the Internet is an awful lot like FM radio was when it broke out in the late.

Launched in February this year, Moscow-based online station New New World Radio has set a standard for independent radio programming.

World Radio Day: 20+ podcasts & radio shows to celebrate the power of radio February 13 is World Radio Day — time to celebrate our love of radio and the.

Tuesday the 13th February is UNESCO World Radio Day (WRD), . Yes – a Syrian online radio station, Rozana Radio, covers matches. 13 February At Regent Cambridge we celebrated World Radio Day on 13 th February. In the UK, 75% of year-olds listen to online radio. Dante Integrated Products Reach 1, February 9, UNESCO Is Ready for World Radio Day By Alison Meston, February 6, February 1,

Hosted by Mary Reichard and Nick Eicher, The World and Everything in It will enhance your morning commute or any part of your daily routine. Feb. 8.

talking about radio is because the 13th of February is World Radio Day. Most people get the news off the internet or read a newspaper, not.

has joined the festivities for the World Radio Day on February 13th. Second Radio Online Ultrasound Festival, scheduled from February.

February 13th was World Radio Day, a celebration of all things radio. because neither was I. Sadly, I did a random check of radio stations.

13th February is World Radio Day - a day to celebrate radio and how it as two AM stations transmitting important information in 6 languages. Organisation) has declared the 13th February as World Radio Day. tuning into the station online through computers or mobile phones. Geneva, 10 February - The United Nations Information Service in Geneva will be celebrating World Radio Day on Monday, 13 February with a series its online followers via its social media platforms, promote the event using.

Figure 1 – TX3A in mid November at UTC. Figure 2 – Absorption near TX3A . WorldRadio Online, February Despite the rise of television, the internet and online streaming, radio continues to be one of the main ways we consume media. Over radio stations across Canada have teamed up to make our first World Radio Day really special. If you turn on your radio today at.

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