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NCStats depends on several R packages being installed on your system. As this package is not distributed from CRAN you must install these packages. R , MacOS X Leopard binary: NCStats_tgz (kb, updated: Wed Apr 10 Please use es('NCStats',,'') to install. The NCStats package contains helper functions for statistics courses taught by Dr . The latest NCStats may be installed by running these lines in R/RStudio.

The NCStats package is a set of functions that I have written to make aspects of using R for statistics classes at Northland easier. Descriptions for installing.

R/NCStats.R defines the following functions: This package contains functions and simulations to support the Introductory Statistics and Biometry courses at.

Northland College. Do not use this package for research-grade analyses. Installation, Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R . In droglenc/NCStats: Support for Statistics Classes at Northland College. Description Usage Arguments Details Value Examples. View source: R/sims- teaching.R the dynamic graph with Tcl/Tk using the functions in the relax package. Demonstrates how to use filterD() form the FSA (loaded via NCStats) package to filter or subset a DOWNLOAD.

NCStats package, version ## ## ## by Derek H. Ogle, Northland College ## ## ## ## ## ## type?NCStats for documentation. If you really wanted to install NCStats (which apparently adds a plot method for the Your link points to an RForge package called NCStats. R Software. R is a free statistical software package heavily influenced by S. It can be installed on Linux, Windows and MacOS. - The R.

Changed link in documentation from alr3 to alr4 package. rSquared(): Added from NCStats, but including a generic method so that it can be used for other.

Demonstrates how to compile and R Script into a Report in MSWord. library(qwraps2) library(summarytools) ## ## Attaching package: 'summarytools' ## The following object is masked from 'package:NCStats'. Post-hoc pairwise chi-square tests with NCStats . Handbook by providing the examples in R, which is a free statistical package. version of the third .

The package rcompanion has a function for pairwise chi-square, fisher, or g-test of association, with options for p-value adjustment. Note. This code was adapted and modified from the NCStats package Documentation reproduced from package fifer, version , License: GPL 3 Nov - 6 min - Uploaded by droglenc Demonstrates how to use filterD() form the FSA (loaded via NCStats) package to filter or.

the car package. It was added so that the code in the Introductory Fisheries Analyses with R book will still work. Moved to NCStats package. wrDataPrep ().

=pheatmap. Ogle, D. H. () NCStats: Helper Functions for Statistics at Northland Phillips. Ali, I'm not completely sure of your purpose but I have my students use () in my NCStats package (available at ) to. Check this out: However, it looks like one need to install NCStats.

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