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15 Jan - 58 min - Uploaded by mikie gee Madness over running Britain. A first hand examination of the knife crime epidemic which is currently plaguing the United Kingdom. We hear from the police, local councils and relatives. Documentary looking at Britain's knife crime epidemic, with the police, local councils and relatives of youths who have been stabbed to death.

Knife crime is on the increase with more than people stabbed to death in Britain last year and hundreds more seriously injured.

Teenage knife crime is a tabloid obsession, blamed on feral youth Quamari Barnes, a year-old student, had been stabbed several times. The radical lessons of a year reporting on knife crime Wales killed in knife attacks, with 37 children and teenagers stabbed to death so far. Four people share their experiences about being stabbed, what it felt like and what life has been like since.

All the latest news about Knife crime from the BBC. In November , year -old Jhemar Jonas's brother Michael was stabbed to death in south London. 2 hours ago The number of young individuals admitted to hospital with wounds inflicted by knives or sharp objects has soared by more than half in England. Children as young as 13 are being stabbed in a tide of violence The debate continues amid a bleak background of rising knife crime, which.

Latest knife crime news from the London Evening Standard. Pictured: Teen stabbed to death yards from Prince George's school · London · Knife crisis funds for Comment: How will MPs react to the hard truths from Airbus? Crime · 40 knife.

Get stabbed in the heart and you can lose all of your blood in one minute. Knife crime is falling in Scotland, fewer people are carrying knives and doing so is.

Gun and knife crime includes stabbing or shooting someone. But it's also illegal to: carry a knife; threaten someone with a knife or gun; commit a crime with the.

There are many reasons why people will get caught up in knife crime: they could be Many young people also think that if you stab someone in a certain place provides key facts about knife crime that you should share with young people as . Knife crime: Children could be banned from social media In London, two boys have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a teenager was stabbed multiple times. FactCheck: the truth about the knife crime crackdown. Get The Facts About Knife Crime in Community How does a criminal record impact my life? A person can bleed out in 1 minute if stabbed in the heart.

London stabbings – latest knife crime statistics and attacks after boy, 14, stabbed in Waltham Forest. was London's bloodiest year in.

A man believed to be in his 20s was last night the latest victim of the knife epidemic that has been sweeping the capital.

We all know the UK, predominantly London, has a major problem with knife crime and stabbings, something which appears all too frequently across our news.

London is facing a deepening crisis with rampant knife crime. November 14, Jay died from a single stab wound to the Why England is facing a rising tide of knife crime in a hooded tracksuit ran towards him, arm outstretched, and stabbed him in the chest. ACROSS THE country, some children are becoming victims, others perpetrators. On November 3rd a year-old was stabbed in the chest in.

What counts as knife crime; Carrying a knife; Knife crime laws in Northern with a knife; carrying a knife that is banned; a murder where the victim was stabbed.

ROCKETING knife crime is putting a dozen people a day in hospital with stab or slash wounds.

The fatal stabbing of year-old boy in southeast London on Thursday has fuelled fears about rising knife crime in the English capital.

Knife crime can range from threat of violence, where someone is carrying a sharp who was tragically stabbed to death earlier this month (June ), issues a.

Policemen stand beside flowers in tribute to a stabbing victim in London. . the rise of knife crime in London in the same period is 23 per cent).

Appearing to link the wave of knife crimes in London to a ban on guns, he added: I've been to the shop and didn't get even mildly stabbed. With knife crime at its highest for decade, are more young people carrying knives people had been stabbed to death in London, five of whom were teenagers. The UK's knife crime shadow looms over London. Yenga, 16, was chased and stabbed in [Photo courtesy Ladjua Lesele]. As a student at.

The senior officer – the Metropolitan Police's lead on knife crime – talks just 17, had been stabbed to death on his way home from the event.

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