Link From Seedbox To Nas

I have a seedbox but I want to put some redundancy in place and have my media files automatically transferred to my local / in-house NAS.

I'm trying to get my download station to download files from a seedbox (seedbox io) as an ftp client. I click either the "+" icon or the "globe" icon.

I think with a seedbox you should be able to use ftp or rsync. Edit I just relised what you are saying you want the nas to do it without your pc. I have current version of Sync running on a Feral seedbox and on my home NAS (Asustor) through a R router. Speeds will transfer in the. Hi, I have assembled and successfully set up my first FreeNAS ;) Have spent the last hours trying to find out how to auto download files from.

Hello, lookong for a way to automatically download completed torrents from my seedbox to my NAS, any ideas?.

Script for sync operations between your NAS and your seedbox.

Hello all I have GB of data that I am looking to get from my seedbox to my NAS drive and I have set up RTRR, but I have since discovered. Here is a exellent script for syncronise your seedbox and NAS. Step 1: Login as root and run the following commands. cd /tmp. git clone. Sonarr version (exact version): Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows) OS: DSM Update 6 Debug.

Need help, currently looking for a NAS with FTP Client. Main purpose is to connect to a Seedbox and download files directly into the NAS.

Hi, I've receive a NAS yesterday and I've install Sonarr on it. I've put my Seedbox as a DL client: [image] My Seedbox is mount on my NAS via.

Back to present days: Owner of a NAS for some weeks now, I am 2 - Use a PC (with FileZilla of course) between the NAS and Seed-box, but.

Hi there, Just a quick message to ask what you do to bring back (legal) files from a seedbox. My goal is to automate this process. Unfortunately.

If you have a Synology NAS, you can easily configure it to download large files for you, allowing you to shut down your PC and let the NAS hum. sync files in an "autosync" directory on seedbox to local linux NAS (my book live etc). # add this script to crontab. # this script will check whether local machine is. So I am wanting to create a 24/7 NAS/Seedbox. I will be seeding Linux distros but would like to keep my nas separated incase of a malicious.

Hi. Firstly i wasnt sure which section to put my question in. So apologies if i have posted in wrong forum. OK, so i have just got myself a seedbox. I have gigabit internet, and I've confirmed I can saturate that successfully on my seedbox and main desktop via torrents when downloading. I've been contemplating getting rid of my current seedbox in favor of a NAS such as one of these.

I just started using a seedbox, so while prior to this I've had the AMC script . HW: Linux nas generic #Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun

to grab ⏬ your files from a remote FTP server to your NAS / server / computer. those with a seedbox to grab your files to your NAS (Synology Qnap D-Link).

Manually t files from the tracker to my seedbox via its web .. on local nas would have moved from its processing folder to my Movies.

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