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3 Sep - 2 min - Uploaded by The Guardian Ghanaian youth show their Azonto dance moves SUBSCRIBE: WHumqY Azonto is.

18 Jan - 7 min - Uploaded by African Music Tv TheAfricanmusictv is proud to promote this exclusive AZONTO DANCE BY Lamaj from GHANA.

15 Aug - 3 min - Uploaded by 3 Beat Fuse ODG's Album 'T.I.N.A' on iTunes: Buy Now On iTunes.

Azonto dance is a popular African dance that originated in Ghana. even without the emergence of the Azonto dance, this song would have still made waves. Azonto originated among the Ga people of Ghana. Like their Apaa ("work") jig, revellers wash, drive or dial phones to the tune of a hip-shaking. 6 Dec - 4 min Please, follow our channel and watch many African videos like: azonto, kuduro, African.

When Ghana scored a victory over Nigeria in January , A form of freestyle dance, Azonto has become a mainstay of the Ghanaian pop scene o footballers, to toddlers, to stars like Sarkodie and Fuse ODG feat.

Azonto is a dance and music genre from Ghana. The dance originated from a traditional dance Just like most African dances, Azonto involves knee bending and hip movements. The dance has effectively evolved from a few basic moves to .

Azonto music and dance became more popular in mid when it became Ghana's first dance moves to have appealed to a lot of international taste. Basically. So on this first edition of the grand celebration of International Dance Day in Ghana (iDDiG), we do not only want to give Ghana a reason to. He was referring to Azonto, a dance craze spreading across the argue that, as a . In Ghana, hiplife music—an eclectic mix of hip- Recent analysts have shown.

Originating from Ghana in West Africa is a dance (and music genre) known as Azonto. It is extremely popular especially in coastal towns in the country such as . The dance form, which has popped onto the Ghanaian music scene in the It is called "Azonto" and calls for dancers to sort of act out their occupation. Why I can't quit Facebook: I want to click 'love' when I see refugees' big. Azonto, a new dance craze on the Ghanaian music scene, is making waves across West Africa and beyond.

Many of the dance styles that have captured the world's imagination over the past few years originated in Ghana. Take the Azonto, for instance. “Stay out of the clubs and parties if you don't want to see Azonto!” is the unwritten warning in Ghanaian entertainment currently. Azonto is a. There are many dances that have come from Ghana, but Azonto may be the first one to go international on a large scale.

Ghana's azonto dance goes cheerily global. Monica Mark 12 Oct Azonto style: Even Ghana's footballers have joined in the country's latest dance.

Azonto has its roots in traditional Ghanaian dances, but there are contradicting It's all about fun, so whatever you want to do, feel free to indulge yourself. Originated in Ghana, Azonto is an expressive dance, where you can basically do what ever you want while moving to the rhythm. Some popular. Ghana, like the rest of the world, is no exception of a music-loving country . The rhythmic afro cum azonto beat sets off at an adventurous note.

Ghanaian pop music is a force to be reckoned with, from modern incarnations like Azonto and hiplife, to classic styles such as highlife and. Explore Afshin Mokhtari's board "Azonto Music & Dance" on Pinterest. | See more ideas World music instruments - The Gyil of Ghana I'd love to have one of. He's sitting in the narrow, closet-like shop his brother bought several years A compilation of people dancing the azonto to Ghanaian rap artist.

In fact, Chris Brown thinks Azonto is a Nigerian thing Probably he REALLY? This is like me going on CNN to say EBA is a Ghanaian food.

ADA: For people who are not familiar with Kobi Onyame in Ghana and I like azonto, I like the first few tracks but now azonto has become a bit.

There have been some imitators and perpetrators, but the real Azonto Azonto has been huge in Ghana, obviously, and the rest of Africa.

As a DJ of African music (mostly Nigerian and Ghanaian), it is my job I have every Azonto song known to man in my arsenal, but the thing is.

Chatting to the Azonto pioneer about Ghana's uptempo music scene. Those of you paying attention will have noticed that the latest Ransom Note Records.

Ghana has seen many traditional dances like the Adowa, Kpanlogo, and Quite unlike the literal meaning, the Azonto dance is rather a delight.

Get more news on your favorite celebrities in Ghana here on A few years ago, I wouldn't have described the year-old rapper with such.

Azonto is a popular, communicative dance that originated in Ghana, West As Nana said: ”Nana loves Suomi and I want to bring more fun for. AZONTO! It's the dance that's taken the UK by storm over the last couple of years. Yes, you have Ghana to thank for a lot of the chocolate you chow down!. "Azonto is a dance originating from Ghana. Just like most African dances, knee bending and hip movements are rudiments to dancing it.

The azonto dance has taken Ghana by storm, and although to be told lessons, when they listen to music they want to forget and have fun.

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